Cultural Informatics Research Group

The Cultural Informatics Research Group are based at the University of Brighton. Our research focus is digital heritage; using technology for the documentation and visualisation of heritage collections. Our website can be found at

The Cultural Informatics members who participated in the creation of the website are Dr Karina Rodriguez-Echavarria (UoB Research Fellow), Dean Few (UoB & SEAHA PhD Student) and Myrsini Samaroudi (UoB PhD Student).


  • This website was created as a colaboration between the Brighton Museum and University of Brighton. The people involved are ... Andy Maxted (Project manager), Dr Karina Rodriguez-Echavarria (Research Fellow), Dean Few (website developer, RTI digitizer trainer & PhD Student), Myrsini Samaroudi (RTI digitizer trainer & PhD Student), Aisling Byrne (artefact RTI digitizer & web content management), Rana Bellem-Hussein (artefact RTI digitizer & web content management), Kevin Bacon (website consultant).
  • The RTI viewer is a WebGL viewer available from Visual Computing Lab - Cnr, Italy.
  • The RTI content management ingestion module was adapted from a Drupal Module provided by Science and Technology Research Center (STARC) at the Cyprus Institute through the project DIOPTRA.

If you would like to contact us about our collection, or would like more information about our scanning methods please send us an email regarding the information required.

The Royal Pavilion & Museums holds a fantastic collection of coins, medals and badges which visitors rarely get to see. With the help of Brighton University we've created this website to give viewers a more interesting and fun way of looking at these types of objects.
We've used a Dome scanner which takes a number of images lit from different angles. This allows the visitor to manipulate the image light source and highlight detail which would otherwise be lost. Follow the instructions below and feel free to browse the collections.
Special thanks go to Brighton University for setting up the website and to Aisling Byrne and Rana Bellem-Hussein for all their hard work creating images and text and researching the collections.

How to use this website

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to find an object and use the viewer to see it in more detail.